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Best Shower Designs
Best Shower Designs

Top 5 Home Shower Design Ideas For 2021 (Inspirational Trends)

The modern bathroom should be a place where you’re able to let your hair down; a spot where you can relax, rejuvenate, and get squeaky clean—all at the same time. Just in the last few decades, the bathroom footprint has gotten bigger, more open, and the design options much more intentional and aesthetically pleasing. The shower is no exception. 

Although showering is traditionally thought of as the faster bathing option as opposed to the bath, it’s now getting quite a lot of love in the design department (finally!), making it a place where you can really take your time. And because most adults actually prefer showers to baths, it might just be time for you to invest in this area of your home! 

Just because it’s a shower doesn’t mean it has to be utilitarian. There are so many design trends for 2021 that make the shower one of the most desirable places to be at home!

Where should I start with my shower renovation?

First, you’ll need to decide on a design you love (see below for the hottest trends this year). Then, you’ll need to decide on a renovation budget that works best for you

Will you simply be updating your shower, or will you renovate the whole bathroom at the same time? 

Take your time to really make the most use of your budget, time, and to consider all of your (and your family’s) bathroom needs. 

Most people remodel their bathrooms only once every 10 years or so, so make a list, get inspired with great bathroom design ideas, and plan accordingly to ensure you get the shower (or entire bathroom) of your dreams!

What are the top bathroom trends right now in 2021?

Ready to find out just how refreshing your morning shower could be? You’ll be singing louder than ever in there with these chic, modern designs for 2021:

1. Open Shower Designs

This trend is HUGE right now in 2021! 

Open showers offer a wider, taller bathing space and a more airy feel, plus much more natural light. They also help to visually increase the size of the bathroom itself because of the lack of doors and tubs (though you do still have the option of doors if you prefer or glass walls). 

Open showers are a great design idea because they allow accessibility, so people with mobility issues and older adults can really benefit from this option. Plus, let’s face it—they just look stunning, too! 

2. Installing Smart Showers

The future is here with this hot trend! 

Smart showers give you the opportunity to control water temperature, pressure, duration and more, while also offering high-tech options like voice activation, music integration, and the ability to watch your favourite show while scrubbing up. 

You’ll never leave the bathroom again with one of these impressive shower systems installed!

3. Black Faucet Fixture Updates

Dark and moody black fixtures are taking over the bathroom in 2021. 

When paired with light-coloured tiles, they really pop! Offered in shiny or matte options, black fixtures are in line with the latest hardware and fixture trends of the last few years. 

They’re easy to keep clean and offer a distinct look for your bathroom. Thinking of going bold? This is the shower trend for you!

4. Installing Colourful Subway Tiles

Bring a little spice back into your home with fun pops of colour on your shower walls. 

Subway tiles are timeless, but colourful ones? Now that’s a new 2021 spin! Colour can add personality compared to the usual sea of greys and whites. Design trends have been moving away from neutrals for a while (grey everything is boring!), so it’s only appropriate that the shower is the next place for some sunny accents. 

Choose any colour you like and bring some joy to your morning shower!

5. Marble Shower Wall Designs

Ooooh, the classy drama of a marble wall! 

With its smooth, sleek finish marble shower walls can add elegance to otherwise humdrum bathrooms. In 2021, marble doesn’t have to just be black and white—it can be red, teal, or just about any other colour you can imagine, too! 

This natural material is a great way to bring organic elements into your space while still keeping that modern look (as opposed to wood, which can look more rustic). 

And if you’re not quite wanting to splurge on the real thing, consider faux marble tiles for your shower renovation!

So, how do I get my shower renovation started?

Get in touch with us to schedule a free in-home renovation assessment. We can help you decide what type of renovation will best suit your current shower, lifestyle, and budget. We’ll even remove everything after the renovation is complete!

Want to have a look at some of our design projects? Get inspired here!

Scrub a dub dub, become a member of the chic shower club with Home Envy today!