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Renovation mistakes to avoid
Renovation mistakes to avoid

The Biggest Renovation Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Let us be real with you; there are plenty of renovation horror stories that could turn anyone off remodeling their home. But fear not! With preparation, patience, and a little research (like this blog), you can be changing up your space and embarking on a journey of home renovation while staying cool, calm, and collected!

We will explore the dirty truth of some of the most common renovation mistakes, guiding you to a stress-free dream home!

1. Focusing on the finish while ignoring the “tedious but necessary” renovations

Beautiful fixtures and exciting design finishes are often some of the most fun parts of the home redesign. Unfortunately, when the “walls come down,” there is essential electrical, mould elimination, or inadequate insulation work to address. The idea is to create a sturdy and long-lasting home, as lovely to live in as to look at. 

A reputable renovation company will give you the straight goods, have a plan of action for budget allocation, and work with you to create the home of your dreams.

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2. Having an unrealistic budget

Craft a realistic budget that leaves some wiggle room for the (inevitable) unexpected. If you are firm in your budget and have everyone on your team working within it, there’s no need to overspend! The right renovation company will plan and prioritize your needs (usually with an in-depth consultation). As long as you set up your initial budget honestly within your financial capabilities, there should be no scary surprises.

3. Not asking enough questions

According to respected real estate agents, some mistakes will create a headache down the road if you decide to sell. Choosing tradespeople without enough information can lead to shoddy work that will show up in lost dollars when it comes to inspection time. Ask to see portfolios, client testimonials, and before and afters. Taking your time to do the research before will lead to the rewards of a house that is ready to sell when you are!

4. Hiring the wrong contractor can be a major renovation mistake

Rushing into hiring the wrong contractor could leave you with an unfinished project and cost more in the long run. Take your time to find a skilled professional that has references and prioritizes budget and planning.
In today’s do-it-yourself culture, the temptation to jump in or hire your neighbourhood handyman can be intense. Remember that it requires a licensed professional to acquire the permits necessary for many renovation jobs. Most jobs have strict zoning regulations. Check out the local bylaws in your area, and here is a list of construction jobs in British Columbia that require government permits. Don’t get stuck in the mud regretting trying to DIY a project this important! 

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5. Rushing the job

Hurrying through the renovation job could leave you in the (drywall) dust. A proper contractor will take into account project scope, workflow, and strategy, concepts that, if ignored, will surely cost you even more money in the long run. That’s why it’s so important to wait for a good renovation team, not just an available one. 

Take the time to understand why many renovation companies have detailed and in-depth project meetings, lengthy and upfront quoting systems, and value honest tradespeople. This type of crew is worth waiting for. A rushed job is generally a shoddy one.

Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

We hope that reading these top renovation mistakes will help steer you clear of making them yourself. Take it from us; you don’t need to learn the hard way to have a remodeled home and a professional process!
To see some before and afters or to book your consultation, visit www.homeenvy.ca

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