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Top 5 Kitchen Island Ideas for 2021
Top 5 Kitchen Island Ideas for 2021

Top 5 Kitchen Island Design Ideas for 2021

Spending so much time indoors these days has driven many of us to do more cooking, eat more meals at home with our families, and generally pay much more attention to our living spaces. 

The kitchen could easily be considered the home’s command centre, making the kitchen island the switchboard. 

Do you have one? 

A kitchen island adds instant extra storage and meal-prep space (something we can all use more of!).

If you don’t currently have a kitchen island, we’re here to say: you are missing out! If you have one that’s desperately in need of an update, you are likely lacking some kitchen sparkle, too. 

So, why not renovate? 

It’s easier than you think. There are plenty of inspired design ideas for 2021 and we’ve got the hottest trends right at our fingertips!

Where should I start with my kitchen island renovation?

Do you plan to add or renovate just an island, or will you revamp your entire kitchen? This is a decision you’ll definitely want to make at the start of the process!

You’ll also need to decide on a design you love (see below for the hottest trends of 2021 so far). Then, you’ll need to decide on a budget that works best for your needs

Take your time to really make the most use of your budget, time, and to consider all of your (and your family’s) kitchen needs! Is it more cabinet space you need? More countertop? Extra seating? Assess your space and start imagining the possibilities! 

What are the top kitchen island trends right now in 2021?

2021’s already cooking up some bold design ideas for your kitchen island! Out with the old and in with the new. Let’s look at the top 5 trends:

1. Dark Cabinetry

We’re loving this design idea! A dark and moody palette for your cabinets can add drama to your kitchen (the good kind, we promise). 

Whether you’re simply renovating or adding an island or are reworking your entire kitchen, adding dark-coloured cabinets will give your space a luxe, modern feel. Don’t worry about matching the island to the rest of your cabinets, either—mixing and matching is on-trend for 2021, too!

2. Statement Lights

Go bold with unique statement lights! 

Even if the design of your kitchen is quite plain, hanging a few eye-catching light fixtures will add a little pizazz! Whether you go with pendant, track, chandelier, or any other lighting style of your choice, these artsy pieces will add visual interest and plenty of light to your space! 

3. Bold Pops of Colour

We’ve had it with neutrals—make a splash with bright, adventurous colours! 

Choose a kitchen island in a colour that brings out your personality and adds a little sparkle to your day. If you don’t want vibrant cabinetry everywhere in your kitchen and instead want just one bold pop of colour, the kitchen island is the perfect place to do it.

4. Quartz Countertops

Bring some swank to your kitchen with luxurious quartz countertops! 

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural surfaces there is, but quartz is making a comeback, offering a sleek alternative. With its smooth and contemporary look, quartz will bring an upscale look to your kitchen island, while also being easy to clean and extremely durable.

5. Multi-Level & L-Shaped Islands

2021 has brought functional new kitchen island shapes with it and we’re loving them!

If it’s more space you need, l-shaped islands are perfect for your kitchen renovation. You’ll have more room for storing your cookware, appliances, as well as more counter space for making those new recipes you learned in lockdown! 

Multi-level countertops allow space for seating and dining OR an extra level for countertop mainstays like that crystal pie holder you bought, or a pretty bowl of fresh fruit!

*Bonus 6. Rich Wood Countertops, Cabinets (or both!)

Nothing’s sexier than sleek, rich wood! 

Warm up your kitchen with an island made of chic, smooth wood. Think mid-century style with a twist! Adding a natural element to an otherwise modern kitchen will serve as a focal point of the room, and hopefully an inspiration for some healthy home-cooked meals! 

So, how do I get my kitchen island renovation started?

Get in touch with us to schedule a free in-home renovation assessment. We can help you decide what type of renovation will best suit your current kitchen, lifestyle, and budget. We’ll even remove everything after the renovation is complete!

Want to have a look at some of our design projects? Get inspired here!

We can help you cook up a beautiful new kitchen island in no time! Get ready to start loving meal prep!